Elvheim is a vacation home, beautifully located just 25 meters from the river, and with a perfect view of the waterfalls. The main building is originally from 1928, but has been completely renovated. It comes with its own two boats, and is very popular during the salmon fishing season. But ever since Bjørgan ski resort got its snow machines, the Elvheim has become popular also during the winter. The kids just love to come home from a long day of skiing and jump into the hot tub.


Just like any other house, Elvheim is fully equipped with every luxury item you expect. The main house has a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor, and upstairs you’ll find three small bedrooms. The house is relatively small, but up-to-date. But with its perfect location, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. The main house has a large porch facing the river, with an outdoor barbeque. Sitting on the porch, you can hear the splashes from the salmons on their way to the spawning ground upriver.


In 2005, we built a small guesthouse, ‘Lillevilla’, to be able to accommodate even more visitors. If you’re looking for a place to cool off during the summer heat, ‘Lillevilla’ is the right place to be!

And if you have great fishing stories just have to be told, you’ll find our cozy barbeque hut in the courtyard. Many a salmon has become significantly larger in here during a chat, fuelled by fresh coffee and sparkles from the open fireplace.




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Bathroom, seen from the kitchen

Part of the living-room.


"Grillkåtan" lies just by the river. A nice place to spend some

late houers.

Nice place for a bath.




The"Little Cabin" was raiset in April 2005.(Push for more photos)