Fishing rights

The river is divided into different zones, and here is a small guide to help you on your way. You can also take a look at the map here.

*Nedre Nerhøl (lower zone) is located from just below the main building and up to the islet. In this zone, you can fish with two boats and four rods from land.

* Øvre Nerhøl (upper zone) starts from the islet, where the lower zone ends, and upriver, including the first 50 meters of the waterfall. In this zone, it’s allowed to fish from two boats and six rods from land.

  These zones are excellent in the beginning of the fishing season, when the river is still big. During the season, however, the fishing is somewhat dependent on the rainfall, but this is normally well taken care of by the Norwegian “summer”.

The zones are well suited for all kinds of fishing, such as fly-fishing, spinning bait and worm fishing from land, as well as exiting boat fishing in the strong current.


Øvre Nerhøl is divided into two sides. The islet, located between the two waterfalls, is perfect for fishing with three rods, in addition to one rod from land, at a spot called “Smørhøla”. The islet is an excellent fishing spot, with its campfire, tent and large, flat rocks. A dream place for fly-fishing!


On the opposite side is Ulvig Kiær (formerly Van Severen). From here, it’s allowed to fish with three rods, and just like on the islet, fly-fishing is the most popular. However, spinning bait and worm fishing is also possible.



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